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Been playing computer games, being restricted by the rules, want to see the people you are playing against?

The AMERICA Club is a gaming club -- focused on bringing card roleplaying, costumed live action LARP'ing, card gaming, and wargaming to the people and organising places to game and conventions to meet people at.

We meet on Tuesday nights at the Auckland University, and have connections with many gamers all over New Zealand - come by to visit or to game!

ORIENTATION CLUB NIGHTS 28th February , 6th March, 13th March

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On the last weekend of the mid-semester break, we are running our first weekend event, the President's Convention, which as in the past is named after our current president, so this year it is Kemys-Con.
Kemys-Con will be a chance for you all to come along and have a whole weekend of gaming fun before having to go back to university.
Gaming will be taking place in the Commerce A Building where our normal gaming nights take place from
6pm Friday the 21st of April and from 19am on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of April
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America's Cup 2012

6th-8th July 2012. The event consists of four systemless games (two each day), a live-action game on the Friday night, and a group dinner/prizegiving on the Sunday following the conclusion of gaming.

The location will be Commerce A building, get signed up for the LARP now!

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