America's Cup 2012

13/7/2012 Update: Winners of the Cup

The America's Cup was a success, enjoyable games and fun had by new and old members. Our prize winners, for excellent roleplaying:

Session 1- Cameron Bragg
Session 2 - Brad Thompson
Session 3 - James Cooper
Session 4 - Steve Dalby

3rd Place: Mila Krstik
2nd Place: Nathan Whiteside
1st Place: Jared Tannahill

Info: Set for within the break between university semesters, Friday 6th Evening, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of July.

America's Cup is the premier convention run by the AMERICA Club, run as a tournament. It is characterised by its challenging systemless games, variety of styles and genres, and relying on the adaptability of players and gm's, imagination, and interaction of characters. The games are designed to be enjoyable, emotionally connecting, and entertaining. Each year, the cup is awarded to the player voted best by the GMs of the games.

Cost $25/weekend, $15/day with a $5 discount for current America Members.
Larp cost included in weekend/day price or $5 if only attending the larp.

Larp - Friday night - 6th July.
Games - Saturday 7th July and Sunday 8th July 2011.

Registrations from 8:30am each day.


LARP - 7pm to 10:30pm

The Congress of Vienna

The Larp has 25 spaces so email the organiser as soon as possible to book your character. Check the larp page for more details.

Session 1 - 9am to 1pm

Space and other obstacles!

You entered the competition on a whim, it was free and you were down on your luck. You didn't think it was a real thing, a marketing gimmick, maybe. You didn't believe it when you got the letter saying you had won. But now it's all up to one meeting with a CEO, and then your off to explore the pleasures of space, gambling and high powered laser cannons.
Set in the distant future, you play a member of a dysfunctional crew where everyone has secrets, where the law and rules of physics are just another obstacle to your wild adventures through space.


Session 2 - 2pm to 6pm

Final Testament

Mr Edward Steinman was a man of discerning taste, as is evidenced by the small empire that he built up around him. His recent death has harmed more than the emotions of those who were close to him, the empire finds itself teetering on the edge of a precarious cliff, for no final legal will and testament has yet been found.
Until today…
The late Mr. Steinman’s previously unknown personal lawyer called you, the closest relatives and friends of the deceased business mogul. You all now gather in the waiting room, the smell of burnt coffee and whiskey oozing from the walls. Despite all of his wealth, why would Mr Edward Steinman choose to leave his final will and testament in such a place as this?
Now you will have to contend in a battle of wits between the others at the will reading, in an attempt to claim what is rightfully yours. Bartering, blackmail, and perhaps even more underhanded tricks will be at your disposal as you attempt to get what you want.

Evening board games and casual gaming until 10:30pm.

Session 3 - 9am to 1pm

Phase Shift

The secret entrance to the tomb is somewhere in this South American jungle. Your team is prepared, each member slogging their way through the dense foliage. Still, you can’t help feeling that something isn’t right... maybe something is off with the other team members, or this expedition is more than it first seemed, or the secrets of the temple are just...
It must be the heat, surely....

‘Phase Shift’ is a systemless game about character interpretation, character interaction, character teamwork. As a player, you take on the role of a single character, and throughout the game will be challenged to re-interpret that character based on a ‘phase shifting’ setting, and interactions with the other members of your team.
The game is equal parts serious, fun, and a celebration of some of geekdom’s favourite genres!


Session 4 - 2pm to 6pm

Gods of Death Metal:

"Are you filled with rage?! Do you like to use your instrument as a weapon?! Do you like eating live animals on stage?
Do you have what it takes to BRING THE METAL!?
If so: join my band. See the world. Get with groupies. Attract a multitude of followers. Eat more protein.
But always remember: decadence is a direction, not a goal.
Lots of Hate,

Description: Gods of Death Metal is a systemless roleplaying game with larpesk elements to it, but no so much people should be scared and run screaming if larping is not their thing - basically you get to move around a wee bit if you like. A black (souled) comedy with elements of necrotic fantasy, animal love, drug use and unholy mayhem. But nothing too grotesque...well nothing written into the game anyway - I deny all liability for anything untoward players come up with themselves! Regardless of how (in)experienced at roleplaying you are you have my personal guarantee there will fun and big surprises for all in this VERY unique game. ;) ~ Shane


A bunch of side events including RPGA DnD games with the King of Cards GM's which will also be running in each session. Come playtest the new 5th Edition or play in the new Encounters series or take on the Lair Assault Challenge.

Prize Giving at Nandos on Queen St from 7pm onwards.