Affiliated Clubs, Live Action Roleplays, and more...

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The AMERICA club is not a standalone club in the world of awesome gaming, geekery and good things. We have friends.

Affiliated/Associated Clubs - Live Action Roleplays (LARPs)

Affiliated/Associated Clubs

AUSA, the Auckland University Student's Association, are the main support group at the University of Auckland. They're out to make life as a student easier, more enjoyable, and are there to help. As an associated club, AMERICA gets access to AUSA rooms, access to club services, and voting rights on club issues.
As a student, you should become a member of AUSA, they support the individual, and the clubs that we choose to run each year, AMERICA included.

CityGuard City Guard are a wargaming club in Auckland city. If you've been to Battlecry, you've seen these guys. Or at least, you've seen their gear. That's right, the tables, the miniatures, the players, that's them.

NZLARPS The New Zealand Live Action Roleplay Society are responsible for promoting Live Action Roleplay in New Zealand. They're getting pretty good at doing so. Among their projects, Live Action Monthly games, Weekend games, and of course the crown jewel of the Chimera Convention. Ideally, you should pop along to Diatribe, the forums for LARP and LARPers.

Live Action Roleplays (LARPs)

"The Phoenix Rising" - "Nexus: Unfathomable Depths" - "Werewolf: Tides of Change" - "Jade Empire" - "Teonn" - "Chimera"

Monthly LARPs

The Phoenix Rising

In contemporary World of Darkness Auckland, kindred of the Camarilla meet under their Prince in a city brimming with hostile elements. For some, this community at the edge of nowhere is a punishment, for some an assignment and for others an opportunity, but for all it is a risk. Can the kindred rise above the array of foes which beset them, or will they be brought low by politics and infighting?

New or experienced players are welcome to join Auckland’s longest running monthly LARP. No previous system experience is required, though an idea of the setting is useful. Games run on the 2nd Saturday of every month. There is no charge, though a donation to cover venue hire is appreciated. Email Chris or Kirsten for details.

Nexus: Distant Shores
WoD, Mage: The Awakening, LARP
Nexus: A world of darkness larp set in modern-day Auckland, in which the players are members of the Covenant of Auckland, a federation of mages united in their efforts to hold back the abyss and the monsters that are spawned from it. The game is a mixture of live-action and tabletop, with strong elements of exploration, politics, and conflict, and a system that emphasises dramatic action over straight combat. Contact:

Werewolf - Tides of Change
WoD, Werewolf: The Forsaken, LARP
Werewolf - Tides of Change is a new Monthly LARP, set in modern day Auckland, but the World of Darkness setting. Players take on the role of werewolves, or people involved in their secret community. 'The People" as they call themselves, know well that there is a spirit world, a reflection of the physical. The story is about the characters, and the two worlds which they know, but neither of which welcomes them. The Tides of Change are coming....
This game is about the pack dynamic, where you work closely with 3-4 other people. It is a great choice to start monthly LARPing with, as a group or individual.
Go to the forums, sign in, chat with STs Cameron, Kerry, Liz, and Simon, get involved!

Bigger LARP Projects

Jade Empire
Foam Weapon, Oriental Setting
Jade Empire is an oriental fantasy LARP in Auckland. If you've ever wanted to be a Samurai, this is the game for you. This is a LARP which makes use of foam weapons for combat. It's also very immersed in the roleplay however, with a class system and notions of honour, respect and ettiqutte. The Jade Empire runs day games, weekend games, and dinner games. See the forums for more information, or contact GM Erin.

Foam Weapon, Fantasy Setting
Teonn is a live action role-playing game with a dark fantasy setting. You either play a character of your own creation (Player Character, Players or ‘PC’) or play characters given to you by the game masters to help tell the story (Non-Player Character, Crew or ‘NPC’).
Following the decree of Truce between the Humans and the Morhkin, a neutral town called Cormere has been established to foster the ongoing peace. It was decided that the only truly neutral race, the Elementals, will be given the authority over Cormere. See the website for more.

Chimera, the LARP convention, is back for its fifth year and it is set to be bigger and more larptastic than ever before. Last year, Chimera played host to twenty five larp games in more than half a dozen genres, and had over one hundred larpers involved over the course of the weekend. The convention had attendees not just from Auckland but from other centres including Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, the East Coast, Dunedin and even from overseas!
Visit the website for more!