The Mailing List

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What Mailing List?

The AMERICA Club has a mailing list to communicate with its members, and any past members or people interested in our goings on - be it games, club nights, or parties that members are having.

The mailing group covers games that are running, events coming up, social activities, and also a place to share opinions about things that effect gamers. Sometimes people also advertise their games (particularly the active monthly live games) or gamer-interest material.

The America Club group and The Committee List are hosted at googlegroups and are open to anyone interested in joining.

How do I Join?

The easiest way to join the group is to request from the website with who you are, or meet up with the committee on a Club Night and we can organise to have you added -- Gene can do this.

What Can I Post?

Advertise your game! Look for a game. Try to find those source books or information you have desperately been searching for. Talk about conventions that are coming up or you have just been to. Anything that you are trying that is different and maybe of interest to people - anything and everything!