RSS (Really Simple Syndcation) is used to get quick updated from websites - its the little orange square in the address bar of your browser. Click this, or copy into a RSS reader (such as Outlook, Miranda, or many other communication applications) and you will get any update from the website!


iCal is an internet standard for calenders. So what? Think GoogleCalendar and Outlook intergration. If you subcribe the the iCal file in these programs, it will keep you updated on the events that are posted to these calenders. Useful, eh?

Dynamic Website

This is a dynamic website - you don't need any HTML gobbilty gook to make pages. You make a login, have a page under your name, and now you can edit it.

We have also put in a module called MarkDown meaning you can use email- like marks to make things prettier and make more sense. Such as bullet points with stars, proper autonumbering numbered lists, and heading by 'underlining' with dashes.


Fair enough - this is sometimes complex stuff. Talk to a committee member or to Gene (current webmonkey) about any issues your having. In the end this is made for fun and information.


Должен сказать, что у вас

Должен сказать, что у вас очень интересный материал. Прошу вашего разрешения опубликовать его на моем блоге.